6-2 Blog: Preliminary Findings and Limitations

Nike Moms is an idea for a new maternity and nursing clothing line for Nike. The market research I have done so far supports the organization’s objectives because Nike clearly states their goal to “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world” following up with “*if you have a body, you are an athlete” but, up until now, Nike has left out an incredibly large, and financially influential, portion of the population; mothers. With mothers making up 70% of the total population (Hutchinson, 2017), this demographic presents not only an opportunity for a company to grow profits, but also to diversify their consumer base. Along with being a consistent and powerful segmentation, new and expectant mothers have more information than ever about staying healthy and active during their pregnancies and post-partum. This means they’re more apt to purchase workout clothing during pregnancy. Unfortunately, quality, functional and affordable maternity clothing is extremely difficult to find. This New York Magazine article discusses the “The Best Maternity Workout Clothes, According to Experts” but the majority of the workout leggings mentioned are more than $80 a pair.

One future trend of this industry is that it will continue to follow the current path that it is on. Mother’s will always be having babies and learning more and more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancies and in the months that follow their deliveries. The implications of these trends on the Nike organization is their ability to capitalize on what is already a booming industry.  In her blog  Girl Power Marketing, Linda Landers states that “moms are the most coveted consumers in the U.S. market.  Their buying power tops $2.4 trillion annually, and they control or influence 85 percent of all household purchases.”

My proposed marketing strategy aligns with current legal, ethical and industry standards by relating to our market segmentation on their level. “56% of moms in the United States feel that marketers don’t understand them” (Del Gigante, 2018) which means that more than half of a trillion dollar market feels they aren’t being marketed to appropriately, leaving a gap that Nike could easily fill. This marketing strategy would align with Nike’s already culturally appropriate marketing tactics that often flirt with the line between political and neutral. They haven’t crossed any lines legally in their marketing strategy and this new line wouldn’t induce any new legal discrepancies. Ethically, Nike could face some frustration regarding women unable to reproduce who might feel left out of this new brand initiative. Personally, I feel the chances of possibly alienating this group would be far outweighed by the profitability of marketing to new/expectant mothers and wouldn’t necessarily even be a potential risk anyway.

The only limitations I have encountered would be lack of appropriate comparable marketing among Nike competitors. It’s difficult to see what is effective for brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour with regard to marketing to mothers when none of them have taken on this market yet. I don’t necessarily attribute this to gaps in my own market research but gaps in the available market research in general.




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